2 R&B Superstars Will Be On This Week’s Empire

Galore Mag Empire

If you weren’t already obsessing over Fox’s new hit show Empire, you absolutely will be ooh-ing and ahh-ing tonight. R&B goddesses Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Hudson will be making very special appearances tonight, and both will be debuting brand new songs! Blige will be belting ‘Shake Down‘ alongside Empire’s musically gifted Terrence Howard during an important (and very epic) piano filled flashback scene, and you will find Hudson harmonizing beautifully with the rest of the cast in ‘Remember the Music‘. On top of that, with the help of the heartbroken Anika, Billy Baretti is stealing away Empire’s artists one by one, and Lucious Lyon is f***ing pissed. It’s about to be a music-filled war zone, and if that doesn’t get you stoked to tune in to Empire tonight, then I’m not sure what will…

Check out the new soulful tracks below:

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