Empire Is Getting Sued Guys

Galore Mag Empire

Do you love Empire? Well then, it’s time to fight for what you believe in! It seems as though a record label is suing FOX because they don’t want them to use their name – YIKES. FOX rebutted the lawsuit and released this statement to Bustle: “It is illogical that anyone would equate a small, independent record label in San Francisco, California with a completely fictional music and lifestyle conglomerate on television.” FIESTY FOX! I dunno who I agree with: on one hand it’s 2015 and OG names are kinda hard to come by, but on the other, it seems that Empire Distribution is suffering from the show’s rather ridiculous portrayals.

OH WAIT CHANGED MY MIND. Actually, Empire Distribution is super suspect in their approach. They said they’ll settle if FOX pays them $5 million and features their artists on the show regularly. This is weird! THIS IS ALSO HILARIOUS LMAO. GOOD DAY.

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