Cookie’s 4 Baddest Bitch Moments On Empire Last Night

We at Galore love a thorough boss bitch and Cookie Lyon, the Queen Bee of Fox’s hit show Empire, played by Taraji P. Henson, never disappoints us. Week after week, she holds down her family and delivers some of the best side eyes television has ever seen. And it clearly seems to be paying off, as Empire has consistently grown in Nielsen ratings every week. Last night was a particularly epic episode of the show and Cookie definitely rose to the occasion. Check out her 4 most epic moments from the episode, entitled ‘Unto the Breach’ below.

1. The look in her eye when she confronted Anika, aka Boo Boo Kitty, on her deception


2. Her power stomp into the office as she got ready for war: scowl in place, accessories on point


3. When she rolled into Ghetto Ass Records and drank a rapper under the table to keep him with the label


4. Her boss bitch face when she schooled Teyana on the game “This is business, nobody cares about [anyone’s] hurt feelings”


Don’t ever forget who you’re dealing with….

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