Emma Watson Just Beat Boxed a Gender Equality Rap

Emma Watson just served as a beat box (?) for a rap about gender equality, and she did a bang-up job.

The British actress recently sat down with Lin-Manuel Miranda to interview him about his play, the super buzzworthy “Hamilton,” for Elle. “Hamilton” is told entirely through rap, so Emma asked Lin to freestyle rap.

About what? Gender equality, of course, as feminism is one of the central tenets of Emma Watson’s brand.

Lin’s rap was actually great, which is unsurprising considering he’s something of a genius when it comes to this stuff. It included the lines, “How can we not be equal? We’re like half, like women are like half of the people on Earth, and yes, they shoulda been equal since birth,” as well as, “all day, every way, every day, equal pay.”

Afterward, the embarrassed Emma giggles that she’s “red as a to-mah-to.” Awwwwwww.

Watch the video below and skip ahead to the 10:00 mark if you want to just hear the rap (which you do).

Lin-Manuel 4Part four…

Posted by Emma Watson on Thursday, March 17, 2016

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