Emma Watson & 5 Other Feminist Voices Of 2014

This year has seen some strong steps being taken in the name of feminism. With strong, high profile women speaking out in the name of female rights, the message being spread is that all should proudly proclaim themselves a feminist (and honestly all should, after all who doesn’t want economic and social equality between the sexes?). With Emma Watson, a newly appointed UN Goodwill ambassador, speaking at the UN in the name of feminism for her organization HeForShe, which asks men as well as women to work toward a shared equality, it is becoming more and more clear that this year has made great strides for gender equality. Here are a few other fabulous women who have made this year a good year for #GirlPower.

Lorde embraces her female power at the young age of 16- as she should!


“I feel like people who are surprised by me just haven’t talked to many 17 year olds”, Lorde has said in her most recent interview with Elle magazine. However, the young artist shocked the world when she publicly declared herself a feminist and went on to denounce the music industry for its misogynistic use of female artists. That it was a young female pop star doing it only made more of a statement.

Miley continues to shock the world with her confident badass brand of sexuality!


When Miley was interviewed by the 17 year old magazine maven, Tavi Gevinson, the two spoke on a lot of subjects, one of them being Miley’s unique brand of feminine empowerment. “guy rappers grab their crotch all f***ing day and have hos around them, but no one talks about it. But if I grab my crotch and I have hot model bitches around me, I’m degrading women? I’m a woman—I should be able to have girls around me! But I’m part of the evolution of that. I hope.” She certainly has been, as many other female musicians have continued to take control of their own sexuality as well.

Nicki’s Anaconda.


When Nicki raps about her sexcapades in the much talked about Anaconda single, she is mimicking a rap trope that men in the industry have been utilizing for years. As she lap dances on Drake but smacks his hand away from touching any part of her, she claims her body and her sexual prowess for her own. The song may be based on that of a male rapper (a song that originally objectified the female body), but Nicki has claimed it for her own. Nicki’s Anaconda don’t want none unless… well unless she decides that she f***ing wants you! (Poor Drake)

Angelina Jolie Speaks out on Sexual Violence at UN Summit


As a United Nations Special Envoy, Jolie used her position to call for an end to sexual violence as a weapon of war at this summer’s UN summit. “Warzone rape is a crime that thrives on silence and denial. The stigma harms survivors, it causes feelings of shame and worthlessness. It feeds ignorance, such as the notion that rape has anything to do with normal sexual impulses.” Said Angelina of the crime. The Hollywood actress speaking such words of courage is a truly inspiring sight to see.



With her female centric album, her iconic VMA performance and her overall strong presence as a woman and a music mogul, Beyonce is and has always been one of the strongest young women in the music industry. In Bey we trust!

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