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So you’ve busted your ass all spring, literally, to get the perfect bikini body, and now you’re tempted to lounge on the sand drinking margs and dreaming about those summer nights. But here’s the deal with bodies: they take upkeep. As soon as you start resting on your laurels, all that effort is lost and you have to go back to the start. Thankfully, there are workouts you can do while wearing your bikini to keep up that bikini bod. Work out queen Emma Rose spills on beach fitness: the best classes, snacks, and even how long to eat before you swim!

What’s the best work out to do beachside?
Beach yoga is AMAZING, so good for the soul and releases great endorphins. A HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout or a beach bootcamp are both great ways to burn some extra calories!
When you’re running on the beach, do you go sneakers or barefoot?
I’m a bit of a soak and running in bare feet can kill! I run on the hard sand in my runners.
Is there a way to get a good work out in the water?
SURE!  Swimming is a great workout because it works every muscle, but you don’t feel the impact as with running. However, it is mainly upper body.  Aqua aerobics is a ton of fun!
Is that thing about waiting an hour after you eat to swim true or a myth?
I don’t really know… Generally, I wait 30 minutes based on what my mum used to tell me when I was little. To avoid a stitch.
What are the best ways of bringing protein snacks to the beach?
Protein balls are great and easy to take anywhere.  With protein shakes, remember to mix it up on the beach just before you want to drink it, don’t bring it pre-made.  Bring along fresh water and the protein in a shaker, otherwise it’s nasty.
Other than protein shakes, what are some great on the go snacks to keep in your beach bag?
A piece of fruit is a must!  Roasted nuts or anything that won’t go bad that needs a fridge.  Fresh fruit is my fave, perfect for summer and beach weather!

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