Eminem’s New Video “Headlights” & 5 Of His Videos That Are Better

Eminem, as much as he’s annoyed me and said stupid shit, he genuinely is a very talented artist who has proved white boys can do rap. I’m really not feeling his new style of rap, which is basically him shouting aggressively. Nothing has changed in his new video for “Headlights” which is about his Mom (as usual), but the sentiment is great (I guess)- he’s apologizing to her. The video was directed notably by Spike Lee, so it’s good in that “my video is directed by an acclaimed director” sense. I don’t like the song, so the video is kind of redundant. I just can’t with Eminem shouting over really soft music. But who knows, maybe I’ll come round. Check it out below and 5 other videos that I think trump this one.

My Name Is
Like, obviously this is better than that ^^^ & his first single ever.

Lose Yourself
I loved 8 Mile, so this song/video/everything rules.

Urgh, I love this song. This is song I think I could successfully have sex to without laughing, actually maybe not. But I’d at least attempt to. And just for the record I think I want to have sex with Eminem. This videos mad weird, in a way I think I like.

This song sucks. Dido sucks. But there’s something to be said for an epic video, also this song was so massive back in the day, also where on earth is Dido?

Forgot About Dre/Guilty Conscience
Yes I know these are collabs, but these Dre/Shady collabs are next level. I LOVE THESE SONGS. Eminem’s verse on “Forgot About Dre”, KILLS IT. And the “Guilty Conscience” video is so SICK.


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