Emily Ratajkowski Is Wearing a Very Feminist Corset Lewk

Okay guys, I have a little math problem for you.

What do you get when you combine:

A. A corset that looks like the kind of back brace Agent Provocateur would sell if Agent Provocateur sold back braces
B. A long baggy shirt that says “feminist” on it
and C. Emily Ratajkowski

Answer: you get this actual outfit Emrata wore out in LA to grab a cup of joe.

To appropriate the words of Mr. William Shakespeare, though it be fierce, it also be YOLO.

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Viewed separately, I can and do enjoy each of the components of this outfit, although I do wish the corset looked a little less like something you could purchase from Amazon for less than $10, but I’m sorry, that shirt is not long enough to wear a corset over.

To the best of my knowledge, Anna Wintour hasn’t published her 2017 masterpiece, “The Rules Of Wearing A Corset: Learn Them or Be Dead to Me” yet. And wearing corsets over clothing is one of the most YOLO trends of our time. It might only be a thing because we all got so used to photos of the Kardashians wearing waist trainers over workout clothing. Still, there are some guidelines everybody should follow if you want to pull them off.

While I won’t steal Anna’s thunder by telling you all of them, I will say this: if you’re gonna cinch your waist in a baggy shirt, the shirt better be long enough to cover your ass.

Otherwise it’s just gonna look like you’re wearing a back brace, as this picture illustrates very well.

Of course, people will still stop you on the street and say, “OMG I love your top” as they stare at your boobs, but once they’re done checking our your tits they’re gonna clock the length of your shirt and subtract some of the brownie points they threw your way.

Here’s an example of a very similar corset worn quite successfully over a taught turtleneck, just as an example of how to pull it off:

BALMAIN AFTERSHOW PARTY #KendallJenner and #GigiHadid both wearing #BALMAINFW16 looks #BALMAINARMY

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Anyway, consider yourself warned, world.

Anna won’t be as nice about rule violations as I’ve been.

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