Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark Talks Kim Kardashian, How To Kill A Vampire, And Going Out With Elvis!

Elvira needs no introduction. As reigning Mistress of the Dark for over three decades, she has become an iconic figure in her own right by portraying the role of the a ditzy, dark vixen with a soft spot for heavy metal and not wearing a bra. We caught up with Elvira, aka Cassandra Peterson, during her show

How would you kill a vampire?

Not the way they do in Twilight, I like the old fashioned method, a stake through the heart. The classic way.

Which evil villain would you play in a film? 

My favorite evil villain of all time is Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. I love her look, when I was a kid, I grew up wanting to be her. I love her, I almost am her.

I read that you were a Vegas showgirl and even got to meet Elvis! What was that like?

Strange story, I will make it short, I had been wanting to be a showgirl ever since the Elvis movie Viva Las Vegas when I was 14 and I started obsessing on it day and night, every waking moment I was thinking I want to be showgirl. When I was 17, my parents and I went to California and we stopped in Vegas and I forced them to take me in to see one of the Feather shows, against their better judgment. I dressed up in my Frederick’s padded bra and I put a little wig on my head and some false eyelashes and I went in with my parents. I looked 21 and I had a fake ID, so I walked in there and the maître d asked if I was one of the showgirls and I said no, and they sent the dance captain out who asked me to go back stage and audition and I just danced to a record they put on and they hired me. Unfortunately, that was spring break right before I graduated and I went back to Colorado where I was from and finished high school by the skin of my teeth and went back there the day after I graduated and started rehearsals for Vive Les Girls at the Dunes hotel. It was weird but it was about my obsessive dreaming and the weird thing is I am dreaming about Viva Las Vegas, the movie, and a year later I am a showgirl in Vegas– I go out with Elvis, I meet Anne Margaret, I was basically a small town girl and that was like, “what?!”. Good thing I didn’t obsess about Star Trek; otherwise, who knows where I would be right now!

Morticia Adams: friend, frenemy, or foe?

Friend. She was another girl I obsessed about when I was young. Love her, that show was my favorite. Superfriend!


What creature of the night would Elvira’s ideal man be?

Frankenstein isn’t bad because he’s a big stiff. Werewolf is good because I like hairy guys. Definitely not a vampire, because they SUCK.

Elvira has always been famous for her cleavage. Who in Hollywood is giving you a run for your money?

There isn’t really anyone out there with ginormous bazoombas is there really right now? I try not to watch reality tv, but against my better judgment I guess I’ll say Kim Kardashian.

What are you doing for Halloween?

Halloween night I will be at Knots scary farm in southern California, the largest and oldest Halloween venue in the world. Performing my live show.

Check out Elvira.com and hit her up on Twitter (@therealelvira) and Facebook (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Official)!

Interview by: Jeremy McClain

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