Elton John’s Progidy Tallia Storm On Being A Teenage Author, Singer And Trend Setter

Tallia Storm just turned seventeen and she’s taking over the world, making her our perfect slasher girl of the day. This author, singer, and fashion icon has been performing in front of 20,000 person crowds since she was discovered at thirteen, and she’s gained a name as the small girl with big hair and an even bigger voice. But even though she’s been at this for four years, the excitement has yet to wear off.

Take tonight, for example. Tallia’s just come off the stage from a surprise gig for a small UK magazine. “I’m still quite new but I turned up tonight and there were so many fans, I was like ‘How did you know!?’ And they were all taking selfies, and I was like, ‘Dude, I’m not Justin Beiber!’”

When she talked to me, Tallia was still covered in glitter the from her costume, and must have been exhausted from belting out songs off her new EP, Social Security, but it didn’t show for a minute. Maybe it was partially due to the adrenaline rush of being on stage. Or maybe Tallia’s just born to be on the go all the time. Just hearing a rundown of her schedule for the next few weeks had me feeling ready for a nap: she’s spent the past two weeks recording new material between nightly performances, and is about to embark on a Euro-tour. Not to mention, she put out her semi-autobiographical novel, Pop Girl, less than a month ago, and is beginning work on book two, and she just had her big seventeenth birthday.

And seventeen is a turning point for Tallia. While she’s long been looked upon as a talented singer, with this birthday comes a certain freedom as people begin to take you more seriously. “I feel like I can write songs that are just more mature. When you’re sixteen, everyone sees you as a baby, but when you’re seventeen you’re a big girl. So I can start talking about issues beyond school and fluff. Like, stuff that’s more about me.” Here’s a little more about the life of Tallia Storm: exotic UK treats in her dressing room, that irreverent sense of style, upcoming surprises for her fans, and, of course, discovering her signature look.

Tell me about performing at MTV! I loved your outfit!

Thank you so much. My sister styles me and we love having fun with fashion. Some people are just such slaves, wearing what they’re told when that’s not who they are. We like to open up Vogue, and take a look to copy on the high street. For MTV, I wore House Of CB, then Vivienne Westwood shoes and a Chanel bag, and we found this amazing Italian designer the day of the event. He has this store called MSGN and we walked in and fell in love with this jacket, and we were like”yup, gotta wear this!” We really enjoyed putting that look together. Usually my outfits are much more eccentric and crazy, but because it was the EMAs and I’m turning seventeen on Friday, we wanted to make it a bit more mature.

What are your favorite songs to perform?

I did my new song Social Security, which is the name of my iTunes EP and also the lead track from it. Then I did I Just Need You, which is my favorite one from the EP, and I did my rendition of I Will Survive, which was definitely one of my favorites, even though it was a cover.

What are your dressing room must haves?

I love popcorn, also honey, which is so boring but I love honey. Even tonight after the event, everyone was having fancy cocktails and I was there with my honey and lemon, like “loser.” I’ve also gotta have digestive biscuits, I’m obsessed with biscuits no matter where I go. Do you have digestives in America?

No, I don’t know what that is?

OMG those are unreal. Also, Skittles.

When you’re just going out, like to the grocery store or hanging out with friends, do you still dress how you do on stage?

Yeah, definitely. Sometimes my friends are like “What are you doing?” but I think people just know me so well. No matter where I go, I’ll have a multi colored fur coat on, some Stella McCartney sunglasses, and heels with platforms! But it’s not easy: on the date of the EMAs I was getting my makeup done in Milan, and I was wearing my Stella McCartney’s, you know the ones with the big waves, I wear those a lot, and I was getting my makeup done, not moving for an hour. When I got up, I twisted my ankle and fell right to the floor in the middle of the shop. Everyone saw me, I had a giant lump in my foot!

What’s your favorite outfit to look amazing on a regular day?

I always wear leather jeans, those are my favorite, and then black and white tee shirts, my new fave is the Yeezy one, and then giant sunglasses and then a fur coat on top. I love the colorful ones, I’ve got orange, yellow, I love having colorful things, but I also love wearing all black.

Since you started your career really young and you’re on the come up, what advice would you have for other girls your age who are looking to get a jump on their career?

Well I wouldn’t be where I am today without Elton John’s support. I feel as if, if I wasn’t ready for that one moment, this is what I always say, no matter if you’re a footballer, an actress, if you like swimming, if you were to meet your idol tomorrow would you be ready, would you be prepared, what would you say to them? If I didn’t have my demo on me when I met David Furnish, who passed it on to Elton, I literally wouldn’t be where I am today. Because Elton phoned me 24 hours after I gave that CD to David, and was like “I’ve fallen in love with your voice, blah blah, can you open my concert in Scotland?” And it was in front of 19,000 people! If I wasn’t prepared for that one moment it wouldn’t have happened. And being so young you can get away with it, no matter what it is, you can do it because you’re a kid! People aren’t gonna say no, people aren’t gonna turn you away, so just discover your thing and be ready for that one moment which might change your life forever.

So do you want to continue music forever? Is there anything you might be interested in transitioning to?

Well, music is solely and 100 per cent my thing. My goal is to go on a world tour and win a million Grammys and be like Beyonce, but that takes time. I also love writing any chance I get, because essentially song writing is storytelling. And my first book, called Pop Girl, came out three weeks ago. It’s in the Top 20 Bestsellers at the moment, which is so exciting. It’s based on the whole Elton John story, and being ready for your moment. But yeah, singing in my number one priority. So I’ll definitely keep that on the sideline. We’re already working on book number two, and getting more inspiration from the EMAs.

Let’s talk about your hair! How do you do it?

I take crimpers and crimp it. That takes about 30 minutes, then I backcomb it and put in way too much hairspray! It feels like straw, that’s all I can explain it. It used to be an afro, and now it’s more like a Mohecian, I brush it out into an afro then I pin it up into the Mohecian, and it literally lasts for a week or a week and a half. Then I take a two hour long shower and start again! My hair’s super long and super curly, but it’s so broken now, the ends are so bad! Whenever I go to the hairdresser, they’re like “you have a problem.”

How did you decide that would be your signature look?

I was thirteen, and when I actually came up with it, I was like oh my god, this is such a cool idea, let me try it! Next thing you know, I was the wee girl with the big voice and the big hair!

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