Elliphant Sheds Her Outsider Mentality And Finds Her Fire

Elliphant, aka Ellinor Olovsdotter, embodies everything we love about a bombshell from her fiery, outspoken nature to following her passion of creating music that makes us dance. The Scandinavian singer took an unexpected turn to music a few years back and has been on a wild ride ever since, collaborating with the likes of and Diplo – just to name of few. While we’ve only gotten a glimpse of Elliphant on her previous EPs, this Fall she’s letting us into her world with her debut full-length album. And this time around things are feeling different for the pop star; she’s finally found a crew and shed a bit of her rough exterior.

Elliphant, Photo Credit, Shannon Kurlander, Galore

“I’ve always been a lone ranger.”

Ellinor said. On multiple occasions she has revealed to press the tough circumstances of her childhood resulting in her more rebellious, loner ways. Ellinor was the class clown growing up and she and her sister “always felt a little bit dirty, like we had dirt under our nails and everyone else was pretty.” Ellinor developed this ‘allergy to the community’, as she would say, and always felt like an outsider.

Elliphant, Photo Credit, Shannon Kurlander, Galore

“I always wanted to fly but now I’m in touch.”

For the first time ever, Ellinor is shedding this loner mentality and has found comfort in a crew of people. Before becoming Elliphant, Ellinor restlessly travelled the world all on her own. “I was always on my way somewhere before…I always wanted to fly but now I’m in touch.” Ellinor has been hard at work, bringing the bombastic music of Elliphant all over the world from touring with Charli XCX to making breakout singles like “Only Getting Younger” and “One More”. However, it’s not all about the successes she has made on her own but rather working closely and creatively with a team. Ellinor has found her crew and her fire. “I found a good playground now where I’m appreciated for this energy instead of people getting scared of it or getting frustrated with it,” she said.

Elliphant’s much anticipated debut album drops this fall and is a complete reflection of her journey. “The biggest evolution for me is that I trust people now,” Ellinor said. Themes of ‘home, life and fire’ characterize the spirit of her new record with simplistic lyrics at the heart. “It’s a little bit more needy lyrically where before it was more ‘f*ck off’,” Ellinor said. As a chameleon of genres, it can be hard to predict the tone of Elliphant’s debut album, but she insists that it will be something a little “more chill that one could listen to in a wide spectrum of scenarios.’

“I’ve always been a yes-sayer.”

While Ellinor is still dreaming to work with acts like Prodigy and Massive Attack, we can be sure to expect some equally amazing collaborations from heavy hitters Skrillex to Twin Shadow. “One that I’m really of, and actually hunted down, was Big Freedia,” Ellinor said. Now that’s an explosive collab we are dying to hear.


As for the rest of Ellinor’s story, it’s still being written. “I’m open to everything,” Ellinor said, “and I’ve always been a yes-sayer.” Maybe one day she will pursue her interest in producing music or making documentary films. Whatever may come her way, Ellinor is a firm believer in embracing change…that’s what lead her to becoming the vivacious talent we know as Elliphant.

Interview & Polaroids by: Shannon Kurlander

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