Get Ready For Yet Another Summer of Flower Crowns

Vogue doesn’t always – or ever – get it right anymore, which might explain why they had the audacity to put their newest cover girl Elle Fanning in an oversized flower crown – you know, the international symbol of being basic.

TBH that’s very rude of them, but it wouldn’t be the first time they not-so-subtly shaded their cover girl.

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Obviously they were going for symbolism, although since their headline is literally “Elle Fanning: A Star in Bloom,” it’s say to say they may have gone a little overboard.

And by may I mean they absolutely, positively did.

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Also not to split hairs, but that flower crown looks less like a crown and an actual bush Elle just stuck her head under to take a few pictures, but if Elite Daily, the voice of our generation, is calling it a flower crown, then a flower crown it is!

You deserved better, Elle.

Also, let’s be real, the world deserves better than Vogue declaring we still have to suffer through another summer of flower crowns.

Then again, they also said that boobs were over sooooooooo maybe just don’t pay attention to them anymore.

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