Could Boyhood’s Ellar Coltrane Be America’s Next Top Male Model?

We watched Ellar Coltrane grow up before our very eyes in Richard Linklater’s tour-de-fource Boyhood, and now, the 20-year-old from Austin, Texas has his eyes set on conquering the modeling industry.  But then again, after working on the same project for 12 years, who among us wouldn’t be down to give something completely different a change?

Goodbye Brando, hello Zoolander.


Even though Coltrane is a self-described “fashion whore,” until last year, when Boyhood‘s promotional push took over his life, modeling was only ever something he dabbled in.  But once he realized that posing for magazines like GQ and Vanity Fair is exactly as much fun as it looked, Coltrane knew what he had to do: secure a high profile contract.  Spoiler alert: he did.  Coltrane is currently signed with Wilhelmina, the agency responsible for Kendall Jenner and Janice Dickinson’s professional careers, and let’s just say that with a track record like that, it looks like Ellar Coltrane could just be poised for superstardom.

However, despite shooting fashion spreads with L’Uomo Vogue and V Mag, Coltrane is still very much a newbie.  “I’m kind of figuring out who I like as I go.  I like Prada a lot.  I mean Prada and Gucci are nice,” he said in an interview with The Cut.  One other thing that Coltrane likes?  Androgyny.  “I think defined gender roles are bullshit,” said the actor-turned-model, “and I would like to wear a dress at some point.”

ellar_coltrane_luomo_vogue_galore_magWhile his career is clearly on the up and up, for now Coltrane has no plans to leave Austin and take up residence in one of the fashion industry’s big cities.  “There’s this sort of a vibe as a hippie, counterculture, non-commercial [place]. And early on, I felt a reticence or guilt about selling out. But what I’m realizing is that’s just bullshit. You only sell out when you let yourself…That’s what matters. And that’s why I’m staying at home.”

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