Elizabeth Whitson Is The Mega Babe On The Little Screen

If you’ve seen the show Awkward, then you’ll be very familiar with this starlet, Elizabeth Whitson. She features in our latest issue, and shares with us how she manages everything!

Interview by Alexandra Mandelkorn



Your character Eva on Awkward has come in and seems to have caused a bit of drama! What’s it like to play a character that is pretty universally disliked?
Well, it definitely would have been way cooler to come into the acting game as a superhero or something. But its totally fine, Eva was a very fun character to play.

What were you like as a high schooler?
Very tall!


What was your most awkward high school moment?
I think just being extremely similar looking to my brother. All the players on his football team use to call me Ricky with a wig.

What would be a future dream role for you?
It would be amazing to play a role like Angelina Jolie’s character in Girl Interrupted.

Which actor or actress would you love to play opposite on camera?
Meryl Streep!

Along with playing Eva on Awkward, you’ve been traveling the world modeling for several years. Who is your favorite designer to wear?
Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent and when I feel like something a bit sexier I go with Anthony Vaccarello.

Between the two fast paced, exhausting lifestyles- actress and model, you must have some pretty great stories. What’s been your craziest on set moment?
I was shooting the cover of Wallpaper magazine once and I had to stand on the very edge of a 16 story high building. Between the loose gravel roof and the 7inch heels I had on Im actually shocked I didn’t get blown away and fall off. There was no safety railing or anything… crazy!

What fashion week shows are you most excited for this year?
Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Rodarte, Proenza, and Tom Ford.


Styist: Alexandra Mandelkorn

Hair: Jenelle Oldham

Make up: Crystal Cao

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