Sexy Model Elizabeth Turner Sweats It Out In The Boxing Ring

Elizabeth Turner, model & abtastic babe, is a girl after our own hearts. In the age of crossfit & pilates, she has a knack for finding ways to work out that takes you outside the cold and smelly gym. At the height of fitness, she swears by boxing and barre classes to work up a sweat and tone your bod. Apparently, they can be so enjoyable that you forget you’re doing them for the sake of exercise. To test this theory, we threw on a pair of boxing gloves and met Elizabeth in the ring, where she showed us how to work out our frustrations on a punching bag and high kick like a ballerina on steroids. And guess what? It really was better than climbing up the never ending stairs of the elliptical. Check out our interview, where Elizabeth also talks mental health and why not to fret if you don’t sweat.




What do you love about boxing? Why is it a good way to get cardio exercise?

Boxing is a great way to get cardio exercise.  My heart rate is elevated within the first five minutes, and stays elevated the entire time because of the super quick, repetitive motions. Not only is it a kick ass workout, but it also helps get out my frustrations… Imagining the bag I’m punching as a frustration I’m experiencing helps me hit it harder!

Is there any way to box without having to take a class or get a trainer?

You can definitely get the benefits of boxing without going to a class.  If I’m working out on my own, I include shadow boxing, which is just throwing punches into the air, not at a bag.  I shadow box as a warm up and it’s a good way to get your heart rate up and blood flowing.

Is “if you’re not sweating, you’re not working hard enough” true?

Not true. My trainer from Georgia used to tell me that sweating just means your body temperature is raised.  And your body temperature doesn’t have to be raised to the point of sweating to mean you are burning calories.  Let’s say you’re doing a weight training work out in the winter- you may not be sweating but you’re definitely burning calories and changing your body.  I personally enjoy working up a sweat, but don’t fret if you don’t sweat.

What are some other workouts that are more fun than treadmill/ weight training?

I LOVE going to barre workouts.  Besides boxing, barre is one of my favorite workouts.  If you get the right teacher, you can sweat the entire time by completing sets of isometric and light weight exercises.  Boxing and barre have changed my body and helped me tone up the most out of everything. And both help me get endorphins flowing and get me smiling.

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without going to the gym? Did it have a palpable effect on your mind and mood as well as body?

Yes, my state of mind definately changes, so I always regret not working out even for a few days. I’m not a very anxious person but when I don’t get to work out, I start to feel less at ease with everything going on in my life. Working out is the best thing for my mental health, and for anyone I think! And whether or not my body actually changes, I’m not sure, but I always feel like my abs look worse, ha!






Photography By Jacob Dekat

Creative Direction By Prince Chenoa

Interview By Stephanie Janetos

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