6 real girls give us their words to live by

Is there any genre of clothing that epitomizes Electric Youth more than music festival fashion? For our Electric Youth issue, we stopped by the Growlers Six Festival and spotted six of the best-dressed girls in attendance. Here they are along with their words to live by.

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“I want people to experience music in a way that envelopes every aspect of life.” – Kyla

“Fake it till you make it.” – Karla

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“When you’re young, you’re unlimited. You have time to be a child.” – Emma

“I won’t waste my time doing things that don’t make me happy.” – Ella

“Don’t compare and don’t stress, the struggle will get you to where you need to be.” – Bridget

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“Girls just wanna have fun.” – Ashley

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Photography by Mark Hunger using Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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