“Effortless” is the anthem for when you’ve been cheated on

If you’re a romantic who feels like you just keep getting your heart broken — then BAUM will likely be your spirit animal.

BAUM describes herself as sometimes aggressive and confrontational, but also says she has a “massive heart that is constantly getting broken.” Which like, same.

Her newest tune “Effortless” just dropped Friday and it’s about the process of being cheated on: sadness and confusion, self doubt and eventually coming out on top and realizing your strength — a process that is fully horrible but also liberating once you make it through, am I right?

The song has all the HAIM vibes you can handle — but expect a deeper lyrical experience and some dashes and remnants of Lana Del Rey and Adele hiding in BAUM’s “effortless” vocals.

Check the stellar tune out here, and peep our mini Q&A with BAUM below.

What are three things about you that make you relatable to fans?

1. I don’t hide my flaws from my music — I love singing about what I’ve done wrong and how it’s impacted me/ how it has felt in the moment and afterwards. 2. I struggle with the stuff that happens as a product of our society: body image issues for example, and would like to build a platform to discuss those things from. 3. I’m quite awkward.

What do you think about being compared to HAIM?

HAIM is dope so I take that as a compliment! I think the reason I get that a lot is because of the production/80s vibe. The songwriting is very different, the vocals are very different, but it’s a similar sonic pallet for production so I understand the comparison for sure.

Your first single “Hot Water” did really well — do you feel any pressure for fans to like future releases?

I’ve always been a musician and a writer so my work is very much entangled with my sense of self worth. I’m trying to fix that and train my mind to see it differently. I’m a person who sings and writes, but it’s not all of who I am. The response to what I put out doesn’t make me a better or worse person — that’s how I try to think of it.

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