Queen of Darkness Audrey Napoleon Talks Music & Makeup


While getting hyped for Ultra, we consulted EDM’s queen of darkness Audrey Napoleon for some music festival makeup tips, what she’s currently jamming to, and whether there’s any chance for a Marilyn Manson collaboration. 

How does your love for darkness hold up in Los Angeles? I know that I, from the east coast, wish for dark, rainy days all the time so I have an excuse to lay in bed all day—do you secretly love sunshine, hiking, and vegan food?

I think that my love of darkness holds up in Los Angeles by living half of my time in New York. I do love Los Angeles though…You need that light to balance out the dark. I’ve come to know some really great people in LA that share my same love of art, fashion, and music.

Is Alexander McQueen still your favorite designer and muse?

Absolutely. Alexander McQueen will always be my favorite designer. My love for him and his art will stay with me for the rest of my life. I actually have “God save McQueen” tattooed on my body just as a reminder to myself to always create something that is worth seeing because he always did.


Who are some other fashion influences or inspirations of yours?

Other fashion influences and inspirations would include Skingraft, Gareth Pugh, Mother of London, Galliano, and Chromat. They’re all very dramatic designers.

What’s your favorite dessert?

My uncle makes the best tiramisu I have ever had in my life. But, because my uncle still lives in Sicily, where I’m from, I don’t get to have it that often.

I love your “Dope A La Mode” video, and am now hoping for a collaboration between you and Marilyn Manson. Any chance?

I wish. It would be a nightmare come true to work with Manson. I love the creative space that his head sits in.

Who would you want to work with right now?

It’s no secret that I have always wanted to work with Lady Gaga. I think that creatively we would really get along and come up with something wicked. I am hoping that if I continue to manifest this  thought, one day it will come true.

We love your look. Can you tell us some of your favorite lip colors, hair secrets, or beauty tips for music festivals? 

I definitely don’t have any hair secrets…I hardly wash it. Maybe once a week if I’m lucky. When I do wash it, I use an apple cider vinegar rinse and then a shampoo with no paraben or  sulfates…you know, all that healthy shit. Then, to moisturize my hair, I use %100 virgin coconut oil. My favorite lip color has been the same color I’ve been using for a few years since I discovered it from my make up artist, Spob O’Brian. He showed it to me when we worked on the Heineken commercial I did. It’s called Man-Eater by Illamasqua. It’s a beautiful shade of red. The only beauty tips that I would have for a music festival would be to make sure you wear sunscreen and as for the make up, make sure it’s something that stays put. I currently have a campaign in Sephora for a make up line called Ardency Inn and they really have amazing products that will stay on from the beginning of the day to the end of one of my performances. Just for that, I would recommend their make up for festival season.

Audrey Napoleon 2015 ULTRA playlist 

01. Alive – Funkin Matt

02. Banana Soda Es Muy Loca – Audrey Napoleon

03. Feel It (At The Warehouse) – Junior Sanchez

04. Good Vibes – Kryder & The Wulf

05. How To Twerk – New World Sound

06. I Don’t Give A F*** – The Beatangers

07. In Da Club Shake Shit Up (Chocolate Puma Club Mix) – Copyright Feat. Mr V and Miss Patty

08. Just Another Beatles Rip Off – Audrey Napoleon

09. Keep On Lying (Nina Kraviz Remix) – Jessie Ware

10. Keep On Jumpin Feat. Tom Stone (Extended Mix) – Stefy De Cicco

11. Laura (Mark Knight & Graffiti on Mars Remix) – Bat For Lashes

12. Move – Blaqwell

13. Poison – Audrey Napoleon

14. Run Baby Run – Paul Ritch

15. Sriracha – Starkillers, Dmitri KO

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