Is Edible Sunscreen A Thing Of The Future Or Just Another Skincare Hoax?

Okay, so here’s the truth bomb: you know how there are active ingredients in sunscreen? Yeah, turns out a handful of those active ingredients are actually pretty toxic.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), which publishes an annual guide to safe sunscreens, 75% of the sunscreens in 2014 “contained toxic chemicals that can increase your risk of cancer and other health issues.” While it’s completely counterintuitive that wearing sunscreen could actually help cause the skin cancer it’s supposed to prevent, you can’t fight science.

See, after you lather your body in that sweet, coconut-smelling lotion, some of the active ingredients can absorb into the blood where they can do a variety of unsavory things like disrupt your hormone balance by dressing themselves up like estrogen, cause allergic reactions, and wreak havoc on your reproductive system.

Gross, right?  But what if you could just bypass the whole ‘potentially toxic chemicals in your skin’ thing and just eat/drink your sunscreen instead?

Turns out you can…sort of.

By eating certain foods (carrots, watermelon and tomatoes), and taking certain supplements (polypodium leucotomos extract and lycopene) you can actually increase your natural skin protection factor (AKA SPF), but we’re talking baby improvements here.  Even if ON THE DAILY you eat a quarter-cup of tomato paste, a 16-oz glass of carrot juice, as finish it all off by popping as many supplements as your bank account will allow, sadly there’s nothing that can replace conventional sunscreen.

Maybe the solution is to just accept the fact that human beings have limitations.  Spending hours basking out in the sun may feel glorious, but it wasn’t what we were meant to do (at least not with a depleting ozone layer).  Instead of relying on sunscreen alternatives, rely on the EWG’s list of safe sunscreens. Your skin is one thing not to experiment with.

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