Eat Your Way Flawless With These 5 Foods

We’re all adults, so I’m calling bs on anyone who still says, “I don’t like vegetables.” Are we five? Vegetables are so important for us: they make our skin clear, our insides happy, and clean out our different body systems. Below are five super veggies that you must add to your diet.

1. Chard


Chard is so good for you in all its variations (Swiss, green, and/or rainbow). Despite their bitterness, chard is rich in fiber and delivers over 700% of your daily Vitamin K intake (which give us strong bones and prevents heart disease).

Tip: Slice the stems and let them pickle in lime juice for two days.

2. Kale


Kale brings 659% of Vitamin A (which helps us see better) and over 900% of daily Vitamin K. It also provides more iron-per-ounce than beef when cooked.

Tip: Toss with oil and salt then grill.

3. Collards


Take a trip to Manna’s on 125th street and Lenox in Harlem to get some of the best greens in Harlem. Chock full of calcium and providing over two days worth of Vitamin K from a cup, collards are the best.

Tip: Although it’s probs healthiest to eat them raw and cold…I suggest eating them the soul food way.

4. Watercress


Full of Vitamins A and K, watercress has high levels of glucosinates, aka, things that may help prevent cancer.

Tip: Fry them using a batter made of seltzer and flour.

5. Romaine


If you can, swap iceberg lettuce for romaine, as its packed with twice the protein and calcium.

Tip: Throw it on a grill and call it a day.

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