Easton Schirra Is Using Photography To Blur The Lines Between Genders

When Easton Schirra isn’t busy taking pictures of Kendall and Kylie for Topshop campaigns, the 24-year-old photographer is exploring how sexuality, gender, and nostalgia shape our lives. Easton is ready to share his exploration with the world by inviting art lovers to his first gallery opening,”Saudade”, in Downtown Los Angeles .

“Saudade” represents an everlasting feeling of nostalgia for something unknown. On display will be photographs and other multimedia pieces that reflect a progression of emotions through a collection of mediums.

Expect plenty of commentary on how neither gender should be forced to fit into society’s cookie-cuter labels and get a glimpse into what it feels like when life is lived outside of the norm..


If you can’t make the show but you’d like to see more of Easton Schirra’s work visit his website or check him out on Instagram.

All photos curtesy of Easton Schirra.  

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