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Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think about improving our planet and incorporating sustainable practices, making eco friendly choices with regards to your clothing can really make a huge tangible difference.

In New York City alone, 12,000 tons of waste is produced ever single day and 5.7% of New York City’s total waste is textiles. If we assume that 5.7% of New York City’s 12,000 ton output of waste per day is textiles, that means that each day, New York City produces a staggering total of 1,368,000 pounds of textile waste…per DAY.

Recycling old clothing and textiles can have a huge impact by reducing total carbon emissions in substantial amounts. Here are a few eco friendly brands that you can purchase from in an effort to reduce your ecological footprint.

H&M’s Conscious Collection 

Although fast fashion brands like H&M contribute their fair share to the production of carbon emissions, they have started a few initiatives to help dial things back. In 2013, H&M launched their very first Conscious Collection which uses eco friendly fabrics and production processes.

H&M’s 2015 Conscious Collection is currently available in stores now. Keep in mind, however, that many of these pieces of clothing are still produces abroad and thus the actual process of transporting these garments to market involves a huge amount of carbon emissions.

H&M offers alternatives to the Conscious Collection to support environmental initiatives such as a clothing recycling program. You can hand in any unwanted garments to any H&M retail location.

American Apparel 

While they might not come to mind initially as an eco friendly brand, American Apparel’s dedication to manufacturing clothing within the United States rather than abroad actually allows them to reduce the total carbon emissions spent to get their garments to market by a huge margin.

Additionally, American Apparel believes in a “one roof” production process.

In other words, garments produces by AA are manufactured and designed under the same roof. This choice means that samples and fabrics aren’t shipped back and forth internationally for approval, making the entire production process a lot more environmentally friendly.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker was the first and only carbon neutral eye wear brands in the world. While the tagline suggests that Warby Parker has a net carbon emissions of 0, actually tracking down a clear definition of what Warby Parker means by their claim of “carbon neutral” has proved to be pretty difficult, despite the fact that they like to mention it frequently.

Even so, Warby Parker is a B corporation which means that they are evaluated by a B-Lab and graded based on standards of sustainability and environmental performance. Consistently, Warby Parker has met the highest of these standards.

The Take-Away?

Recycling can, and should, happen beyond sorting your trash. Textile production and the products that are brought to market in fashion industry have a huge impact on our planet. The stats I gave in this article are from New York City alone. Think about how much total waste the entire planet is generating each day.

That thought alone should inspire you to take steps to reduce your ecological footprint, and make incorporate sustainability practices in your shopping habits.

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