Dudes Dish: Do They Really Care If You Shave?

We’ve all been there: that bittersweet moment when you realize that you might finally get laid—but then you remember that you haven’t shaved since last Tuesday.

While you mentally wonder if he’ll even notice or care, you casually try to run your hand under your skirt and feel just how bad it is down there. Not satisfied, you drag your friend to the bathroom with you so she can assess the jungle. While she says your fine, you still contemplate running home and doing a quick once-over before heading to your friend with benefits’s house.

So, what’s really the deal? Some guys say they don’t care, but are they saying that to make us feel better or are they for real? Galore set out to find some answers.

We surveyed 100 guys aged 18-25 , and this is what we found:


Alright, so the rumors appear to be true. Guys really don’t care that much if your legs are as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Only 9% actually take this as a big issue. And, being honest, I think when it comes down to it in real life even less would care. While it always feel sexy to be shaved everywhere, if you unexpectedly find yourself in a hook-up with less than perfectly shaved legs, forget about it and have fun.


If you’re stuck in a time crunch before a date and need to either shave your legs or lady bits (assuming you’re going to let the guy in your pants), you should probably spend your time on shaving your vagina. After all, what’s a hook-up without getting some head? While one lonely dude says he’d find a reason to leave… there’s still a whopping 50% total that wouldn’t care much at all. Maybe you can save the money you were going to spend on your bikini wax and get new shoes instead?


This is also very good news to us ladies, with only 4% of dudes saying that they don’t man-scape at all.  and almost 75% saying that they always trim and/or shave the area. Hell yeah for gender equality at least taking shape in the realm of shaving our pubes.


While I would assume most girls know how their boyfriend feels about their situation down there, this is here just in case you were wondering. It seems like guys are kind of split on this matter. This is fair, because if you’re in a relationship you’re (hopefully) getting laid all the time and would like to keep yourself presentable for that. It seems that your boy will be happy to reciprocate either way.

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