Dudes Dish: What Do Guys Really Think About Your Booty?

With lyrics like “But he gotta eat the booty like groceries” invading our radio stations, it seems that doing butt stuff is becoming more and more mainstream. While you’ve probably sat down with your girls and asked if any of them have actually tried anal (and if so, you’ve asked them how bad it really hurts), you probably haven’t had the same conversation with your guy friends.

So, whether you’re thinking of trying anal for the first time, or wondering how your booty call feels about you sticking your finger in his butt, Galore has got you covered.


Okay, so maybe anal isn’t quite as popular as the Top 40 Charts make it seem. Regardless, it seems like the majority of dudes have enjoyed anal, or think that they would if given the chance. We wonder if the dudes who don’t want to do it again had a bad experience? We have certainly heard some horror stories

In response to why they have/haven’t had anal sex; the guys had various answers:

On the plus side, there was the typical “it sounds fun” or “I am an ass man, love everything about the ass.” On the negative side, some dudes said that “It’s unethical, inhumane and unnatural,” whereas others blamed it on the girl being in too much pain for them to continue (yay for consent!) Another guy said that it “[depended] on the women…. But there are a majority of women who enjoy it more than guys do. That’s the best part, when women enjoy it.” 

Other responses included:

So I can tell my friends.”

“Seen it a lot on the internet.”

Makes me feel dominant.”

“I am an ass guy and I have fantasy about girls with phat asses. A bad anal experience may make me lose that fantasy.”

“My boss at my internship said it makes you a man.”

In response to who they’ve had anal with, most dude’s have had it with long-term partners, which makes sense. After all, you have to be comfortable with someone before you’re going to try something like that. (Although I do know some chicks who just love anal and it ends up being as casual as vaginal sex for them).


Now, we’re getting to the dirty stuff (literally). So, for those of us who aren’t Jhene Aiko, how many of us are actually eating the booty like groceries (or getting ours eaten?)


I guess the trend is catching on, because something tells me that 20 years ago the percentage of college aged boys who’ve given a rim-job was not that high. Although, kudos for them for being a little freaky and trying new things. However, among the dudes who haven’t tried it, clearly less of them have the desire to try it in the future (38%). We can guess why, but we had them answer just in case you wanted to hear it from them:

“Only if it’s a clean looking/smelling butt.”

“As long as there was a recent shower.”

“My mouth can taste a**, my dick cannot.”

“It’s a little strange to me, but I just want to eat a girls butt. I would never let them do that to me though.”


Okay, to each their own. I don’t think any of us were planning on forcing our dude to eat our ass (and a lot of us might not even be comfortable with it in the first place). But, like the dude’s said in the survey, why not?

Now, for the question that isn’t so clear to all of us ladies, are dude’s into being fingered in the butt during a blowjob?


What do these responses tell us? That if guys can get past the stigma of it, they’ll probably actually like it (this is probably the same for most girls when it comes to anal play). However, you should probably not try to surprise your guy by trying this without talking about it first. After all, you wouldn’t want him to go “surprise anal” on you, would you?

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