Drop Dead Sexy: 6 Vampires Who Can Bite Us Anytime!

I think it is safe to say that at this point the pop culture vampire idea has pretty much been sucked dry (pun intended). But if you say that you don’t find the idea of a smoldering bad boy who literally wants to eat you hot, then you my friend are either inhuman yourself or you are lying. I’ll admit it, the vampire trend WAS hot, the problem was that it got done so many ways and in so many adolescent melodramas that the idea just became laughable. Twilight ruined it (Hello, waiting until marriage?? That is a long time to starve yourself of pleasure my friend.) So in defense of vampires, here are 6 undead hotties who stayed very much alive and virulent even after death:

1. Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries: True, this is a young adult television show on the CW (a channel famous for suppressing the sex), but somehow Damon manages to shine through the teenage angst and sexual frustration that his brother Stefan seems to suffer from. Could it be because he is one of the only vampires on the show who acts like a monster? I do love a bad boy, and Damon is very pleasingly evil.


2. Lestat, Interview with the Vampire: The original sexy, brooding vampire movie! This movie was quite emotional and dark, but if there was one thing that saved the movie it was Lestat and the way that unlike the depressing Louis, Lestat actually reveled in his inherent demonic persona. He enjoyed making mayhem and murder. I suppose if you are cursed with an eternity of serial killing, you can either laugh about it or cry about it and I love a good sense of humor.


3. Eric Northman, True Blood: I don’t know about you but the minute that Eric was introduced to Bon Temps, I immediately forgot all about repressed, stuffy Bill Compton. Is it because he is a former Viking King or the King of Louisiana? Maybe its because he is just f***ing badass! But I know that it is no contest for me, I am forever team Eric.


4. Alexander Grayson/Vlad Tepes/Dracula, Dracula: Jonathan Reyes Meyers playing a character with three different personas? And all of them equally sexy? I’ll take it. If there is one character who has been done to death (loving the puns today) it is Dracula but Mr. Meyers not only makes it fresh but manages to even revive a trend that seemed to be seeing its last days. The visionary American, the vengeful Romanian and the infamous count? All three are looking pretty good on this new vampire show for 2013!


5. Edward Cullen, Twilight: Ughhh okay, I admit my inner Twhardiness! A super emo, brooding vampire that shines like a diamond? Yes please! I know this series is for tweens, but there’s just something about Edward that makes you want to kick Bella Swan in the twat and steal him away. Plus, he’s super rich which is always good, right ladies??


6. Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: THE hottie vamp of the 90’s! Every since I first saw Angel creeping on Buffy at the Bronze with his black leather trench and claddagh ring, I fell in love. There may be a million new sexy vamps out there, but Angel will always be my first!


Written by: Amanda Lang

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