Dress For Your Horoscope This April


It’s scary how accurate horoscopes can be. They basically predict your future- letting you gird your loins for negative energy coming your way or get your hopes up for new luuurve whenever Venus crosses into your powerhouse. And while day to day horoscope predictions may sometimes be a little wonky, the personality assessments are usually on point. Since we live our lives by them, I feel that we often subconsciously dress for them as well. For a Virgo, a LBD or jeans and tee is ride or die, while Capricorn loves the boho femme feel. If you don’t get or know what I’m talking about, here’s what to wear for your horoscope this month.

Aries- Anything could happen this month, so be ready! A pair of printed shorts and tough jacket to throw on if you’re feeling moody, plus a versatile pair of shades and heels is all you need to be prepped for any situation.
Taurus- Your health is in question this month, so protect your feetsies with a pair of kicks and stay warm with a comfy sweatshirt.
Gemeni- Your creative side is having a moment, so let your stylish freak flag fly! Our suggestion is a maxi with platform sandals, nothing to inhibit your artistic sensibilities if the mood strikes. Of course, let our your inner accessories freak!
Cancer- Unlike gemeni, you may be in a stylistic rut. Therefore, stick with some jeans, but throw on ginormous bell bottoms with a tee and major crazy sunnies and you’ll be all set.
Leo- Shocking news is coming your way. Be ready in joggers, sleek flip flops and a tee. Comfort is key when your BF tells you he cheated.
Virgo- As always, the LBD is your go-to. Your horoscope this month is vague AF, so it never hurts to layer on the glam with gold jewllery and loafers.
Libra- It’s your lucky month since Venus is your guardian planet this time around. Get ready for all those dates with a pleated mini dress and essential blazer, and treat yourself to some of those platform-less strappy heels for going to dinner or dancing the night away!
Scorpio- You’ll be stacking the cash and doing great at work this month. Be ready to go hard at the office with a shirtdress and loafers and you’ll be breaded in no time.
Sagittarius- You’re looking at a month of leisure and relaxation, so stock up on tiny bikinis and a cool monokini for your continuous beach trips. Make sure you have a printed mini skirt and perfect shades to throw on with your bikini tops!
Capricorn- You might be having a stressful April, but don’t dispair! A comfy bathrobe and cute pj’s are all you need for an at home spa sesh.
Aquarius- You’re also having a lucky month for love, so a halter mini dress and clogs will get you date-ready. Then again, that’s just one day. This would be a good month to shop your heart out so you have new outfits for the entire month!
Pisces- Mars and Pluto are playing tug of war with you and your finances. Make this a light month for new clothes and focus on the accessories. A strong weekender and sunnies (don’t forget the protective case) are all you should invest in. And if you haven’t already invested in one of those invincible iPhone cases, seriously consider doing so.

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