DJ Dreea Pavel Gives Us A Glimpse Into Her Fashionable Life

Dreea Pavel is a writer, DJ, and fashion figure. The Silver-Tongued eye candy is a great connector of creatives and totally responsible for making us dance the nights away.

EVE: What’s your drag name?

DREEA: Eartha Split Them Legs? Shoot I don’t know.

EVE: Three things we don’t know about you?

DREEA: 1. I got kicked out of school after 9th grade. 2. As a teenager, I wanted to get liposuction on my fingers (ahhahahahahaahhaah). 3. I have about 17 allergies and asthma.

EVE: Maverick or team-player?

DREEA: Maverick Team-player I guess. Maverick at heart but I love my team so I learned to adjust. A little bit.

EVE: Which is currently your favourite song to close your set with?

DREEA: It depends what time it is I would say. If I close my set at 6a.m. I would probably send you home with a baby maker. As for warm up, I love my R’n’B hooks on a rap song so I will go with Schoolboy Q – Studio here. If I play a main set I guess it would be a strip club classic like “Gangsta Boo’s Where Dem Dollaz” At. I don’t really know, to be honest I never thought about it.

EVE: Which artist would you dream opening stage for?

DREEA: That would for sure be Missy Elliott. Although I’d probably faint and bust my head on a sink before even shaking her hand. I look up to Missy so much. Other than that I am proud of my history and people I have played alongside or opened for. It is a nice position to play.

EVE: What’s on your wish-list?

DREEA: To keep growing and getting better at what I do so I can spoil my soon-to-be-born-niece and my future babies. I need more patience so I can learn more new things and add to the knowledge I already have so yes, patience is on the top of my list. I also have very superficial wishes like more money and my own house somewhere outside of Berlin or Germany. And I want someone who comes around just to pack when I have to travel. That would be sweet.

EVE: Do you think people feel dazzled or intimidated by you and if so, why?

DREEA: Do I think they do? I KNOW they do and they better! Why? I have an idea why but in the end of the day it doesn’t matter. If you can not meet someone on eye level it means you do not know how to use your power and I am not about to carry no ones weight.

EVE: Which album would you play when you wanna bump and grind?

DREEA: Believe it or not I do not like music when I “bump and grind”. I like a good dirty talk though! I mean, I don’t like music per se but that does not mean I like it quiet.

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Captured At Crackers, Berlin

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