Dream Come True: Turn Yourself Into An Emoji!

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing yourself as a tiny yellow smiley face (who hasn’t?) today is your day to shine, kind of. You now have a chance to turn yourself and your real life into an emoji. Unfortunately, you won’t actually metamorphasize into a plastic-y looking smily face: the app Memoji is more for taking ultra tiny selfies that you can insert into your text messages. Might as well be called “Snapchat mini” except the emojis don’t dissappear after 5 seconds. That’s right, these tiny, gif-able selfies will be saved in your text history FOREVERRR. This is just another form of personalizing your text lingo through the magic of apps. I personally do not get it. If you want to show off your face, isn’t that what FaceTime is for? Isn’t the best part of emojis that they can communicate what otherwise cannot be said with human expression?! Can this really top the Drake-speak app? Idk, download and find out for yourself!


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