Drake’s New Music Video For “Hotline Bling” Will Reveal…

I woke up before my alarm this morning and I didn’t know why, until I checked Instagram: turned out my Drizzy senses were calling.

The last video Drake released was for “Energy” back in August, and finally we’ll be seeing more of the 6 God on film. Drake announced via Instagram that the video for Billboard’s #2 song, “Hotline Bling” will be dropping today! Why today? Maybe because Meek Mill took yet another shot at Drake on Instagram mere hours before the announcement. But in Drake’s eyes, Meek is “dead already” so maybe he’s just sick of people asking “What even is a Hotline Bling, anyway?” and decided to release a video to clear up the confusion.

A “Hotline Bling” is a text, like how your phone blinks when a f*ckboy blows it up. Since Drake’s heart and soul is made of diamonds, hotline blink became Hotline Bling. The song itself the story of a girl getting over Drake and moving on with her life, and when she’s gone he misses the attention. The chick is living it up, guzzling champagne every day and running out of passport pages and doesn’t have time for Drake’s clingy self. Hopefully the choice of cast betrays which of Drakes’ many celeb crushes the song is about.

Or maybe the Champagne Papi is dropping a video because he just wants to show off his newly bulked up body, and he’s planning to give us all heart attacks by going shirtless in the vid. Thank you, Serena Williams: Drake finally got sick of his girl being stronger than him. But our prerogative is to get a peek of that six pack…or eight pack.

While these are all legit motivations for Drake, the most realistic and driving factor is that Drake is quickly becoming the Leonardo DiCaprio of the music world: among all the bangers, he’s never had a number one single. The excitement over Hotline Bling is starting to wear off a bit, and without a drastic move it will never rise past its current #2 spot on Billboard, just behind The Weeknd’s “The Hills”. Releasing a video is one way to get us hitting the play button again, and maybe get enough radio requests for Drake to take the crown as the king of the Hot 100.

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