New App Lets You Bag Bitches Like Drake

We all know that even some of the more important conversations can be reduced to texting. Whether it’s your parents telling you that they’re cutting you off, or your boo using emojis to tell you that he’s been f***ing his TA, people don’t seem to want to put in the extra effort to call anyone these days.

Now, no matter what exactly you’re trying to convey via text message- you can convey it with Drake. Although I’m sure some true fans will claim that they don’t need an app to quote Drake lyrics all day, we’re lazy as f*** and this will save our poor over-worked fingers for more important things, like unzipping someone’s pants.


Instead of having to sort through the plethora of Drake lyrics, the app allows you to choose categories based on your current mood (although with Drake I’m sure we can guess what that mood is). You can decide between Ex’s, Feels, Hustle, Hate, or Random.

Although we love Drake and love sexting (oops, I mean texting), I can’t completely understand the usefulness of this app past one week of f***ing around with my friends. After all, if I wanted to confess my love to an ex, I could just down a bottle of tequila instead… and if you’re reading this it’s too late.



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