If You Want To Meme Like Drizzy It’s Not Too Late


All of the Drake lovers out there have made us very aware that their 6 god released a new and unannounced mixtape last week. Let’s just say it’s causing a variety of reactions. Many fangirls are crying tears only the emotional Drizzy can wipe away, some could only stand to listen to the 17 tracks once through (at best), and others don’t give a shit about the songs at all because the cover art is inexplicably amazing. The fact that everyone loves catchy phrases (especially when paired with crazy memorable handwriting), was obviously taken into account by the Toronto rapper. Sorry Yeezy, If You’re Reading This Its Too Late.

Lucky for us all, there’s a neat new website that allows you to create your own meme that looks IDENTICAL to the mixtape’s artwork. ATTENTION: If you have loads of work to do today, wait to check it out until after because it’s seriously addicting. Or, be a badass and ignore me, but you have been officially warned of its majesty. Here are a few memes we created, on our lunch break of course (wink wink mothafuckas).


Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 12.48.07 PM


Original Mixtape Artwork by @RIKLOMAS & @WHYBRAY

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