Watch Drake Get A Mouthful Of Madonna At Coachella

When Drake first reached out to Madonna about the possibility of her joining him onstage at Coachella, he had no idea what the moment was going to cost him.

Halfway through Drake’s headlining set at Coachella last night, much to the crowd’s surprise, the 53-year-old singer walked out onstage, stripped down to a tank top, walked behind Drake, grabbed his face and initiated her most questionable onstage celebrity make out of all time.

While Drake initially tried to play along by reaching up to stroke Madonna’s hair, Madonna wasn’t having it.  This was her power move.  After all, she’s Madonna, bitch.


While Drizzy has yet to comment on the kiss, besides a cursory, “What the f*ck just happened,” the Internet agrees that Drake won’t be calling Madonna up for round two anytime soon/ever.

Fine by her.  Drake’s not the celebrity make out she’d rather repeat either.

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