Drizzy’s Having The Worst Week Ever

Poor little Drake. While we were previously psyched for his “Homecoming” movie (which was supposed to be released in select theaters today), we sort of had a feeling that it was all too good to be true. Drake took to the Twitter-sphere Monday to alert his OBSESSED fandom that the movie is TOTAL BULLCRAP: galore_mag_drizzygalore_mag_drizzy1

These weirdly ominous tweets then landed Drake a nice little lawsuit with the “Drake’s Homecoming: The Lost Footage” distributors, who were pissed that Drake was trying to stop fans from seeing the flick. They say the Twitter tirade was a publicity stunt to draw attention to Drizzy’s page, where he was posting info about OVO fest in between the boycott messages. Basically, Drake sabotaged his movie to promo his concert.


The whole thing must have brought on some serious bad karma, because in an unrelated (we think) incident in Dubai, a crazed agressor tried to screw with our OVO prince’s waves. Seriously, Drake was turning up poppin bottles in the club with his boys in the Middle East when a fellow club-goer passed by Drizzy and agressively pushed his head down. Drake gave him a death glare and proceeded to smoothe out his ruffled hair. Security shoved the manhandler to the ground, and Drake retreated, probably to send out more tweets hating on the “Homecoming” movie.


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