Listen To Drake And Beyonce’s Leaked Track “Can I” Before It Gets Taken Down

Can I     

Well, it’s official, Beyonce and Drake have done it again. Late last night their sure to be massive hit “Can I” leaked online, and even though it finds Drake treading the same emo grounds he’s been treading for, well…ever, we can’t stop listening to it.

So, who do we have to thank for this leak? Sal Houdini. This newbie on the block was apparently passing around the link to a “few people…for fun” but when you’re dealing with a track that features a superstar sized collaboration, it’s only a matter of time before one of your so-called friends lets your sh-t slip. On behalf on the Internet, I want to say thank you for your mistake. Also, congratulations on getting yourself featured on such a high profile track. Your career is really going places, buddy.

But you know how leaks go: avaiable for a limited time only. Best make sure you get you listening in before the Internet police shut the Beyonce/Drake party down.

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