Drake And Anna Wintour Are Totally BFFs Now

These days it seems like there isn’t anything Drake can’t do:

Tie with the Beatles for having the most simultaneous Hot 100 Hits? Check.
Engage in a relatively soft rap feud, and emerge victorious? Check.
Sign a who knows how many million dollar dollar deal with Apple? Check.

But for the past month now, the only headlines Drake’s making are alongside his rumored girlfriend Serena Williams.  Although the couple briefly dated in 2011, it feels like just a couple of weeks ago since the two were spotted making out in the back of a fancy Italian restaurant in Cincinatti.

Even though it’s totally Drake’s fault that Serena lost the US Open, since Drake made it up to her by literally getting on his hands and knees and giving her a night of nonstop orgasms, not only did Serena forgive him, but she even let him sit in the front row of her NYFW show yesterday.

And as proof that the world is a wonderful place after all, Drake didn’t just sit in the front row of his girlfriend’s fashion show, he sat next to the first lady in fashion, Anna Wintour.  That’s right, Drake and Anna Wintour sat next to each other for at least fifteen whole minutes.


Immediately, there are so many questions to ask: How did he introduce himself? Was it as Drake? As Aubry? Or did she simply end up referring to him as ‘Serena’s Boyfriend’?  Did Anne Wintour even know who he was?  And did she approve of his black velour sweatshirt paired with a fresh pair of Timberlands, or did she deem his outfit too casual for a fashion show for the Home Shopping Network? But most importantly, what will be the lasting impact of their friendship?


And you know they’re friends because Drake Instagrammd them together.  Twice.

Let’s just say that if in the next couple of years he starts wearing his sunglasses everywhere he goes, we know it won’t be Bono’s style that he’s copying.

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