One Direction Is Growing Up, Listen To Their First Single As A Foursome

Ever since One Direction formed in 2010, they’ve been a force to reckon with.  They’ve broken records, they’ve broken hearts, and they’ve broken the eardrums of every mom who was dragged to chaperone one of their concerts.  Or at least that’s who they were until earlier this year when Zayn Malik decided enough was enough, and decided to leave the band.

While for a a while the boys were content to respond to the situation by lobbing blows at Zayn on Twitter, after news that Zayn Malik had signed back-to-back deals with Turn First Artists and RCA records, they realized they needed to do something more extreme.  A message needed to be sent.  They needed to show that traitor who the bosses really were.

And so today, the band who’s never released material without months of promotion did something unprecedented: at one o’clock this morning the boys dropped a new single “Drag Me Down”.

In “Drag Me Down” One Direction the boys finally get a chance to grow up with their music. It’s still a straightforward pop song, but it’s finally lost its bubblegum pop sheen. While we had hoped they might go in more of a Maroon 5 or even, dare we say, Justin Timberlake kind of direction, but you know what they say: once a manufactured pop star, always a manufactured pop star.

While we can’t deny the song’s catchy, and likable in its own way, it’s hard not to feel like something’s missing from “Drag Me Down.”  But then again, it doesn’t matter what we think, it matters what their tweenaged fans think.

The world waits in anticipation.


For their sakes, I hope so.

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