Dr. Martens Remains Coolest Brand. Ever.




This is the best TGIF in FOREVER. Every cool kid’s favorite kicks (for the past 50+ years, you guys!) aka Dr. Martens is back and better than ever with their SS13 #FIRSTANDFOREVER campaign. We weren’t just being lazy with that very overused expression — Dr. M is seriously better than ever. And that’s very impressive considering our closets/bedroom floors/ovens (we got that clever fashion tip from Carrie Bradshaw) are jam packed with many a Dr. Marten.

The campaign is shot by Gavin Watson and starring the insanely foxy Ash Stymest and his killer posse — that’d be the unfairly beautiful Adwoa Aboah, Todd Taylor and buzzed-about new model on the block,  Susannah Ligouri. The very good looking gang party it up in Manchester rocking their, duh, Dr. Martens and owning the night. It also involves chain smoking and tattoos. We are obsessed with the video (below) and you’ll be too.  We’d also appreciate if Dr. Marten’s would create a reality show starring this immaculate cast. Flail those sartorial spirit fingers if you agree!

The majorly moody campaign video is all about self-expression and being young, wild and free. Also, I’m unsure as to why Ash Stymest’s accent didn’t get a shout-out in the credits because IT’S A STAR. We could listen to that boy blabber for days/weeks/months. *Swoon* In short, Dr. Marten’s are a classic sartorial-slaying staple that will never, ever go out of style. Because they basically are the definition of style. I mean, imagine a world without Dr. Martens. *SHIVERS* So kittens, get cha credit cards ready.

“Why don’t you just live in the present, y’know?” — Ash <3


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