Downtown DJ Jesse Marco Is Making Big Moves

Hot one the scene DJ, Jesse Marco has been providing all the big clubs with the best beats, so make sure to check him out playing in the city and all over. He talked to us about how he got into DJIng, his fave clubs and upcoming album.


How did you start DJing?
My best friend got me into it after he got turntables for Christmas.

How would you describe your style?
Search and destroy.

What’s your genre of choice in the booth and out of the booth?
Anything I like usually has some sort of soul to it or is just fun in context. Club music can sometimes be mindless but that’s ok when people are just trying to lose it. It varies, but usually dance music, hip-hop, rock, nu wave.

What’s been a highlight for you?
Finishing this album I’ve been working on.

What do you love most about NY?
Kim’s Video which is closing (what a drag), the few remaining record shops, the East Village, Central Park, East Village Radio, the noise…

Favorite bar, club, and restaurant?
It was Milady’s but it’s closed now so I’m sure I will find a new one. Not sure if I can choose one specific club, but I’ve had the best time playing at places like Santos and The Westway. The bigger ones are fun, too (1OAK and Marquee etc).

Where would you love to play?
Somewhere outside warm. Summer vibes.

What’s coming up next?
Been working on this record forever so going to start rolling that out soon!

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