Doug Funnie May Not Be Cool, But He Does Know All The Words To “Trap Queen”

Here at Galore, we just can’t get over Fetty Wap. “Trap Queen” has clearly been the song of the summer and even though it’s impossible to walk for more than five minutes on the streets of New York without hearing a snippit of the song blasting from somebody’s car, we’re okay with that. “Trap Queen” is just one of those songs you’re never mad about hearing.

But while we’ve been on the Fetty train for a while now, the New Jersey rapper just gained a very important fan: Doug Funnie. That’s right, Quail Man is a fan of the Fetty, and we have a video to prove it.

While it’s hard to imagine that Doug has any idea what a trap queen is (let alone a trap), thanks to the good folks over at New York Magazine’s Vulture, you can now watch Doug croon the song of the summer to the love of his life, Patti Mayonnaise. Even though the Internet is literally flooded with dub videos right now, but this is 1:38 seconds of your life that you won’t regret.



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