Double Double, Toil, and Trouble: 5 Witches We Would Totally Cast A Spell With!

In case you haven’t noticed, witches seem to be making a comeback lately. After the “sexy brooding boy vampire” phase and the slightly less sexy “Zombie with a heart of gold, powerful, badass females seem to be everywhere in pop culture at the moment. So in honor of this hot new trend and the upcoming holiday, here are our top 5 favorite witches of all time:

1. Winnefred Sanderson of Hocus Pocus: Hocus Pocus is the classic 90’s Halloween movie of our childhoods. And the Sanderson sisters are some of the first badass magical mistresses who we remember when we think of witches. Sarah was the overtly sexy one but it was Winnefred who had boys literally coming back from the dead for her. And if you weren’t afraid of her when you were 5, then you are lying.


2. Sally Owens of Practical Magic: It is a chick flick, true, but these who lovely young witches were using their powers to mess with men long before the pathetic lifetime show, Witches of East End. Though many tend to gravitate toward Nicole Kidman’s Gillian, I personally think that Sally is the more enviable witch. After all, she didn’t manage to get herself possessed by her dead ex-boyfriend and she ended up with the hot detective at the end. Not bad, Sally.


3. Paige Matthews Halliwell of Charmed: I loved Charmed when I was little and Paige was definitely the coolest of the trio. She was the rebellious younger sister who grew to love magic ten times more than any of them. And while the rest of them bemoaned their love loves every episode, Paige was hooking up with a new guy each week. Her true love was her power and isn’t that the way it should be for every woman?


4. Bonnie of the Craft: The Craft will forever be a prime example of female badassery. Four teenage girls reap havoc on their high school with their cultivated magical powers, and Bonnie is the one pulling the strings. And clad in hot black lace and leather while they are at it.


5. Madison Montgomery of American Horror Story: If there is one witch in that coven that has promise of being the next Jessica Lange, it is Madison. Witty, bitchy and unforgiving, this telekinetic hellion is ready for her revenge on those nasty rapist boys. I am always team Jessica Lange, but Madison is a close second.


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