The dos and don’ts of starting a YouTube prank channel

A good prank can be funny, but a great prank is like art. People have been pulling practical jokes on each other since the dawn of time. And now due to the rise of social media and “clout,” people started recording their pranks in hopes to become famous on  social media, especially on YouTube.

If you are one of these “clout chasers” (and hey, there’s no shame in your game buddy) read these dos and don’ts before you try out your prank on anyone.

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Don’t: Pretend to break up with or cheat on your significant other

Let’s use our noggin here y’all. How would you feel if you catch your bf/gf cheating, and they akekeke and say “BABE!!! It’s a prank for YouTube!” Also, how would you feel if your lover gives you that breakup speech, tears your heart into shreds, and then says “JK JK SUPRISEEEE!!! You got pranked!”

If y’all can handle that, cool but I s2g it couldn’t be me. I’ll karate chop my boo in the neck before I ever let him try me like that.

Don’t: Scare old people

How evil are you? You know older people have bad hearts! Go scare someone your own age, punk.

Dont: Go into a neighborhood filled with POC and mess with them for YouTube views

Why would you go and harass or profile a group of minorities for a prank? If your goal was to get YouTube likes and subscribers, the joke’s on you bro. Nobody is laughing with you or at you, we are all actually disgusted.

Don’t: Sexually harass someone

If I deadass have to explain this one to you, please seek help. Or just delete yourself from my article and my presence. Kthxbye

Do: Make sure the people you’re pranking can take a joke

See, I’m one of those people you just can’t prank. I will literally hate you for the rest of my life because you probably traumatized me through that stupid, not-thought-out, illogical prank. So make sure you prank people who actually LIKE pranks.

Do: Make sure nobody gets hurt in the process

If it is a practical joke, why must there be pain involved? If at the end of a prank there is someone crying, bleeding, or in pain, then the prank has failed. You end up looking like an asshat, and you wont gain any subscribers from the prank.

Do: Be original

Prank phone call? Yawn. Duct tape entire office? Seen it. Mouthwash in soda bottle? Nasty, but boring. If the end game is to earn subscribers, you gotta think outside the box! Take some pointers from a Japanese prank game show. They have pranks figured out to a T.

All in all, don’t be a douche when pranking somebody, because in the end the best part of a prank is laughing it off with the person who was pranked.

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