Dorothy Is a Rock Star For the 21st Century

While in my hometown of Chicago on her Rock is Dead tour with The Georgia Flood, I had the privilege of sitting down with a reigning princess of rock n’ roll, Dorothy.

I’ve listened to all her songs and followed her on Instagram with insane outfit envy, but never had the opportunity to see her perform live. Before sitting down with her during a pre-show dinner, I had no idea what to expect meeting a modern day female rock star.

To summarize, I was not disappointed. Scooting into her booth, I felt an electric mixture of awe and calmness, as if I was reuniting with my girlfriends. Dorothy has the rare ability to make you feel as if you’re part of her squad, not just a stranger she just met.

Even without being stage ready, everything about her echoed a blend of grunge and glamour. From her finger tats, to her furry jacket you could tell she has the gift of making any piece of clothing look trendy.

After our chat, we headed downstairs and attempted to sneakily made our way through the already waiting crowd. It didn’t take long for her to get spotted and after a few excited screams, we pulled the curtain to head backstage. “It’s so funny to me, hearing them yell,” she explains sheepishly. I didn’t want to tell her that this is just the beginning, because after meeting her I get the feeling this future female rock icon is here to stay.

Here’s what it it’s like to be Dorothy.

How was being in LA during this year’s Grammy weekend?

LA was awesome, I didn’t attend the actual award ceremony, but I attended the weekend parties. My favorite was hosted by my label, Roc Nation. They had a pre-Grammy brunch at Owlwood Estate hosted by Diddy with 2 Chains, Jay Z, D.J. Khaled, Rihanna and other artists on the label.

Was there anyone that came across your radar as someone you would like to collaborate with in the future?

A couple people, Chance the Rapper and Jack White. I actually met Jack White in an Uber during my birthday weekend after Coachella. He asked what I did, but I didn’t want to tell him I was in a band so I played it off. I just couldn’t believe I was sitting next to such a legend like him.

Last time you sat down with Galore, you were prepping for this tour. What has been the biggest surprise about life on the road?

Definitely the fact that the shows have been sold out, haven’t expected that at all.

Any tips for fans about what they can expect during one of your shows?

Bring some ear plugs, whiskey, your bff, or your baby!

You grew up listening to and admiring Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson, what life mottos would you like to tell girls that look up to you?

Don’t ever sell yourself short. Don’t ever think you aren’t capable. F*ck the man, girls need to express the arts, the world really needs it. When I went to places like Denver and Austin for example, I saw so much amazing and free street art, not corporate. I just think that there isn’t enough music, art, and culture in the world. We also need to get more women in politics, we can’t just let men run the world. Beyonce’s right. Or maybe women do secretly run the world and men just pretend.

You recently worked with Playboy, any details you can share?

Yes! I just shot the Bunny section for a music feature, not sure when the pictures are going to come out yet. I would love the chance to be on the cover one day.

Being female, how do you feel about Playboy’s recent decision to go back to featuring nude women?

I think they shouldn’t have changed it in the first place. I really think they celebrate the female body respectfully. I think it’s intriguing and artistic when they do the full nude shoots. It’s finally coming back to the OG way.

What’s your fashion inspiration during tour life?

I really like to mix vintage pieces with a few modern ones. Kind of like Stevie Nicks meets grunge, especially since the guys in the band dress that way, where they just throw on T-shirts. I actually use a Galore stylist, Alexandra Mandelkorn, she helps me put a bunch of incredible pieces together.

You’ve been described as a badass, an easy-going cool, and a revved up Adele. Do you see yourself that way?

Yes, I have a very hard time just relaxing. I always like to find a way to channel my energy the right way, especially when it comes to my music.

Most exciting news for fans for 2017?

Yes! I’m working on my second album. I got the chance to write songs with Linda Perry which I was really excited about and not expecting. (Perry, a Grammy nominated Rock Singer/Songwriter/Record Producer, has worked with music superstars such as P!nk, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, and Adele.) The goal for the release is sometime this fall hopefully.

Photography by Devin Smith

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