9 Dope Female Tattoo Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram

Today, being a woman in any industry can be a drag. We are paid less, given pet names by male coworkers like “honey,” and jobs are scarce.

But women are breaking barriers in all sorts of industries despite the setbacks, and that includes female tattoo artists.

The tattoo industry is full of men with the classic tough guy image who make it hard on a girl who likes to tattoo pictures of donuts and cute kittens. But you can be a girl with sleeves and piercings while being taken seriously as an artist, just ask these ladies.

1. Lauren Winzer

Based in Sydney, she tattoos a lot of Disney. Not only the OG Disney, like the Little Mermaid tattoo below, but even the legendary Hannah Montana herself. She’s gotten a lot of publicity since tattooing an avocado on Miley Cyrus, and although Lauren said it has provided her with a lot of cool opportunities, she’s also gotten a lot of sh*t as if Miley made her.

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2. Rebecca Vincent

Based in London, her floral tattoos are so detailed and realistic that you might want to sniff a stranger’s arm.

3. Cally-Jo

Based in NYC, she’s amazing at larger pieces with great depth and shadow. Look how real this skull looks!

4. Georgia Grey

Based in NYC, her work looks like it was truly painted with a paintbrush. She also works with another male tattoo artist who’s a fave of many celebs, Bang Bang.

5. Pis Saro

Based in Bali, her botanical tattoos are ethereal and natural.

6. Violette Chabanon

Based in Paris, her tattoos are abstract and trippy AF.

7. Ho Wei Han

Based in Taiwan, her collage tattoos will leave you speechless.

8. Eva Krbdk

Based in New York, she will add a tiny piece of classic art to your body.

9. Emily Malice

Based in London, she’s too cool for you, but not your minimalistic tattoo. If you really love Emily’s style, her tattoo shop has printed some of her designs on tees and undies.

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