Don’t Wait To Be Serenaded, Serenade Yourself With These Tracks

There will always be those songs that remind you a certain someone. Whether it’s a song you drunkenly made-out to in your favorite bar, or a song that perfectly describes your tough break-up. While it’s fine and dandy to dance around in your underwear to songs about “the boy” (or girl) of the moment, I had an epiphany today while listening to Kendrick Lamar’s newest single this morning. I do love myself, and I can spend my time crooning about some dude’s chiseled abs all I want, but something about singing about loving myself feels way damn better. Take some time this weekend to have a dance party and remember how awesome you are.


1. I-Kendrick Lamar: Because you should f***ing love yourself before you worry about anyone else.

2. Best Damn Thing– Avril Lavigne: Oh Avril, you just get us, and we hate when guys don’t get the tab..

3. Flawless- Beyonce: You probably don’t look like Beyonce when you wake up… but you’re still a bad bitch!

4. Bitch I’m The Shit– Tyga: Maybe not the most lyrically complex song, but bitch, you da shit.

5. Feeling Myself– Will.I.Am + Miley Cyrus: If anyone knows how to feel themselves, it’s Miley.–LdqQ

6. Who Says– Selena Gomez: Going to make this the last one, before I start getting too mushy over here.

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