You Don’t Need His Approval For Sh*t


We’re not only apart of the hook-up culture, but the judgmental one. We judge people based on stories we hear or remarks made by former friends. But it seems as if women are being thrown the most shade these day. From dudes.

Women may be crazy, whatever, but men are hypocrites.

Hell, women are probably crazy because men can’t seem to take one side or make up their own damn minds. They constantly love to say that “these hoes ain’t loyal” or they’re “thirsty” or they sleep with every guy they meet. But when they go out with their buddies, are they going after the nice girls who are casually dancing away with their girlfriends?

Most likely no. They’re going for the girls who are eye f***ing them from the bar.

And if they do happen to meet a nice girl who says she doesn’t want to hook-up on their first date then he usually gets pissed off and probably won’t speak to her again. Or he’ll pursue her and then back out afterwards.


But for the nice girls and the girls who have learned to school the boys at their own game, why do we place so much emphasis on men and their opinions of us?

We don’t want to come off as too polite, too strong, too attached, over emotional, ruthless, too cold etc. But we already place so much judgment on ourselves- we shouldn’t be allowing the opinions of men to affect us as well.

If you’re looking to hit it and quit it for a night, go for it. And if you want to wait until the right man comes along, then you wait. But what I’m trying to get at is that it shouldn’t matter how we handle our love life. Everyone goes about it differently and there is no right or wrong way.

So f*ck what men have to say about it. The right one will come along for you in no time.

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