Don’t Judge Reality Hunk James Lock Too Quickly…

Every Galore girl loves to hate reality TV, and we also love to hate the men on the reality TV. What is it about the cocky dudes starring in reality shows that is so damn sexy? We’re not sure, but we’re on the path to finding out. We caught up with James Lock from The Only Way Is Essex to discuss the reality of reality shows, first dates, and his new business.

What’s something most people don’t know about starring on a reality show?

I think one thing is that people don’t realize how real it actually is! Everything you see is real! We are exposing our lives to the viewers, which can be scary at times.

You’ve mentioned your new restaurant business on social media, can you tell us a bit about that?

Basically it’s a healthy fast food alternative! It’s healthy fresh food for people that want to eat healthy, great tasting food! My dream is for it to become global and to rival the power houses of fast food.

What’s the best cuisine to eat on a first date?

For me it’s Italian, everyone loves Italian food!

What’s your first date go-to look?

Always smart/dapper! Suited and booted!

What’s something a girl can do that’s an instant turn-off for you?

Talking about themselves too much, or an ex, is a no go.

Would you ever date a girl who also stars on reality TV?

The answer is yes, My ex girlfriend was on the same show as me.


Do girls seem to have preconceived notions about you since they’ve seen you on TV?

I think people in general have preconceived notions. Because they watch you on TV or read about you in magazines they think they know you and judge you sometimes too quickly!

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Eva Mendes.

If you could tell your past self something about relationships, what would it be?

Compromise is key!

Favorite place to go on holiday?


Favorite cheat meal?

Indian food.


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