Don’t Feel Bad, Marilyn Monroe’s Nudes Leaked Too (NSFW)

Unless you’re Kim Kardashian and making millions of dollars post-sex tape, you’ve probably regretted sending a nude. Maybe you had a bad break up and are worried your ex will share your pics, maybe you realized that you took a selfie with your used tampon in the background, or maybe you accidentally sent a titty pic to your boss. Either way, shit happens, and we’ve all been there. Honestly, the majority of us probably have some photos on the internet that we don’t want our grandchildren seeing…but if it makes you feel any better, you aren’t the only one whose taken nude photos that you never wanted to see the light of day.

Before the iconic white dress, before JFK, Marilyn Monroe was a broke bitch just like us who considered doing some sketchy things for an extra buck; case in point, a nude photoshoot. Marilyn agreed to pose in the buff for photographer Tom Kelley when she was in between contracts and reportedly needed $50 to get her car out of the impound. In her biography, she explained that the photos were done out of “pure desperation”…and she only earned $50 for them! Marilyn even signed the photo release “Mona Monroe” to conceal her identity.

Marilyn reportedly made the photographer promise her that she would be unrecognizable in the photos. In the days before photoshop, this was done by adding clothing and make-up onto the previously naked photos, as you can see in these black and white prints.

The pictures were sold in the “Golden Dreams” calendar in 1952, three years after the original photos were taken. Unfortunately for Marilyn, reporter Aline Mosby figured out who the mysterious blonde was, and broke the news to the press. While 20th Century Fox originally denied that the calendar model was in fact Marilyn, she eventually confessed to the masses that it was indeed her in the photos, stating, “I’m not ashamed of it. I’ve done nothing wrong.”

The following year, in December 1953, an unknown man by the name of Hugh Hefner bought the rights to reproduce these poses in a centerfold for the first issue of the previously unheard of Playboy Magazine.

All images courtesy of Limited Runs

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