Video of the Day: Don’t Be A Fool




‘How come my eyes won’t shut anymore? Such a struggle, it feels like war’ – The Aikiu 


It’s been a pretty good week for the art of the music video, to say the least. Reminder: David Bowie (!!!) gifted us with his Floria Sigismondi-directed music video for “The Stars (Are Out Tonight),” featuring Tilda freaking Swinton and Andrej Pejic in a gender-bending, euphoric popgasm. And, duh, we loved it.

Today’s obsession comes from the Bowie-tinged, French synth-pop band, The Aikiu, and their music video for  “Fools”. If you close your eyes and listen, the tune is what synth pop dreams are made of. But we suggest opening your eyes and watching as these dreams become a beautifully twisted reality. There’s epileptic-heavy closeups of glaring owls, a couple playing major tongue hockey in slow motion, the seriously chiseled back of a greased-up bodybuilder, and much more ecstasy-friendly eye candy. Which includes what may or may not be radioactive face paint. There’s also frontman Alex Aikiu’s charismatic pipes that effortlessly stretch from a deep bass to that shimmering, goose-bump-inducing falsetto throughout the cinematic tune.  But not to worry, kittens… this one’s a REALLY GOOD trip that we promise you won’t regret, though if you’re anything like us, you may shed one or four happy tears by the video’s climax.

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