Don’t Be A Creep: Texting Lessons from Michele Maturo

Today there’s no denying that our phones are glued to our hands. We are no longer picking up the phone to call each other, we’re texting. It gives us time to think about our responses, assess the situation, and allows us to have an indefinite reaction time. It’s one of the easiest ways to communicate and get our point across…or is it? How can something so straightforward and nearly fool-proof create so many foolish and uncomfortable scenarios? This week, I’m going to help you avoid a sticky 140 character mess with some Texting Etiquette 101.


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Scratch the 3 Day Rule
This applies to everyone. Go ahead and scratch that fake rule if you’re interested in someone. If I text you and you read it, WRITE BACK. We aren’t pen pals trying to correspond via telegram. It’s simple.. you read, then you respond. You won’t look desperate, you will look interested. When it’s all said and done it doesn’t make you look super cool or busy if it takes three days to receive your reply. It just comes off as dismissive and like you’re playing games.

When They’re Just Not that into You
On another note, let’s talk about NOT being interested in someone. If that person doesn’t respond after at least two attempts from you, then chances are they just aren’t feeling the same way as you. That’s okay too! Give them space, don’t power text them asking for answers or reasons why. Respect their personal space and maintain your dignity.

Power Texting
Moving on to power texting. Beware of over texting: try your best to exercise some restraint here! I know it’s easy to send a message as we think of an idea, then another, and another, but gather your thoughts before sending these rapid fire messages. The other person may be in the middle of something and their phone could be a huge distraction with all the buzzing. Try to send one text to get your point across and wait patiently for their response.

Overthinking the Text
Okay, so we now understand to think before we type, but what if we are OVER thinking and OVER analyzing every response? It can be so agonizing when we are consumed with worry and so concerned with what the other person will think about us! Stop rewriting, rewording, and asking your friends. Just say what you mean and mean what you say. Be honest in your texts, don’t TRY to be ‘cute’.


Don’t Be a Creep

Guys – If you’re trying to be flirty, we are all for it! But there is a fine line between being intriguing and being a total creep. Don’t come out the gate asking us personal or intimate questions- save that for face to face – Ask us if we want to go hiking, grab a coffee, ANYTHING but intrusive questions via text.

Late Night Texting

When is it TOO late to text? If you’re thinking about sending a text past midnight then understand the impression you are sending. The one receiving your message will think either: A. you’re drunk B. you’re lonely C. booty call (which is a combination of A and B). There’s nothing wrong with any of those, if that’s your intent, but if it’s not- then do yourself a favor and save it for the morning.

So much of life is lost in a text message; tones are constantly being misconstrued and misinterpreted. Our perception of what we read is affected by our mood at any given time. One-word answers may come off as offensive or un-enthused, so try your best to be clear and attentive. And if all else fails… pick up the phone and make the call. xx


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