You Need To See The Album Cover For DonMonique’s Debut EP “Thirst Trap”

This has been the summer of the Trap Queen, so it’s only fitting that a bonafide contender emerge to claim her throne, becoming the living, breathing embodiment of all we’ve learned to hold dear.  Enter 20-year-old Brooklyn local, DonMonique, whose debut EP Thirst Trap is winning her fans all over the world.


DonMonique first got the Internet’s attention with her debut song, which turned the names of pop culture’s queen bees of the moment (Kendall, Kylie, Miley) into slang for the kind of drugs you’d find in a house party.

Now, the emerging queen is back with a 6-track EP whose gritty and infectiously booming beats that’s could just wind up as the soundtrack to all your late-night, don’t give a f*ck summer moments.  Rihanna and Nicki better watch out, there’s a new bad bitch in town.

Oh, and did we mention she’s got dope taste in cover art?


Check out Thirst Trap below and prepare to be on the right side of history.

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